Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The plunge

Well, this is it. After holding my breath long enough, I've taken the plunge and started this blog. The idea has been percolating for little while now and after having followed other blogs over the past year I decided that I needed a place to share random thoughts and pictures of my *art* (read crafting)

The title pretty much reflects that I have a little inkling about lots of things - gardening, travel, my former career (30 years of teaching HS French - more than just an inkling!), and my hobby of paper crafting. This pastime came about after I broke my ankle over a year ago and couldn't get out of the house for weeks. I needed to occupy myself with more than tv, books and off I went to the computer and found some nifty blogs to follow. My favorites were Tim Holtz, Wendy Vecchi and I've been thinkin' 'bout inkin'. When I could finally get out first in a wheelchair and then on crutches to go to my LSS (Buffalo Stamps and Stuff) I happened upon Ranger's line of Tim's products. Little by little I started accumulating stash. The rest, as any rubber stamper/paper-holic knows all too well, is a commonly known truth: art. I swore I would never make this or that, but now I'm learning never to say never. Learning is the key word here since I'm stubborn and as life unfolds, I usually find out that I should never have said never!  When it comes to starting a blog I can honestly say Well, I never! as in i never thought I'd be doing this ;-)  

I know this sound hokey. So be it. I look forward to rambling on about stuff, to sharing what I do in my life and to showing off my latest attempt at art. A big thanks to those who have inspired me to blog - you don't know how much your examples means to me. I'll drop you a note and let you know who you are.

Thanks for stopping by my inaugural post! Enjoy the day,