Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wow, two weeks since my last WOYWW

Hello and Happy New Year to all on this eleventh day of Christmas! What with Christmas travel out of town for a week and all, I didn't have anything to report. The only crafting that I've done is online shopping for stash stuff. When that arrives I expect to hit the atelier with a full head of steam.

Briefly, the tags and origami gifts for the teens were a huge hit. How can I top that for next year? The nephew liked his tag so much that he put it in the family xmas tree. That made me feel special.

The husband, St. Donald, surprised me with a second xmas gift yesterday that I suspect will be on my work desk in the next few days.  Meet Ophelia! 
 Since he brought this one-year old female home from the shelter yesterday, she hasn't left our sides. She is super curious and extra affectionate. Can't wait to introduce her to the room of stash.

Well, it's time for you to hop over to Julia's Stamping Ground and see the desks of our dear blog friends. 

Hope you can make something fun even if it's only just a smile!  Hugs to all.