Saturday, November 20, 2010

I wish, I wish ...

Some of you have asked if this background is my home. Don't I wish! It was one of the choices from blogspot(Travel) when I set up this blog. So, I thought I'd try to tease you with some pics of my guest bedrooms (anyone going to be in the area to visit Niagara Falls or Toronto? lol)
This is the French boudoir. I had to have red walls with the slanted ceilings for a cozy feel. The dresser was mine when I was a kid. East Lake style with oak leaf and acorn carvings for the handles. Believe it or not, the mirror and its little drawer are a separate piece of furniture. They go together rather well, I think. The ceiling isn't tall enough for the mirror so you can glimpse the iron bed in the reflection.
The two chairs are also East Lake, but I bought them at an auction in Shipshewanna (an Amish community in north central Indiana) about 5 years ago. They were in horrible shape, torn covering, horsehair stuffing falling out, etc. My mom (and St. Donald) thought I was stark raving mad about the purchase. Well, of course I knew what they could be -gorgeous! They are comfy and nicely stuffed so one doesn't have to have a concave derrière to sit upon them. lol  Oh, yes, the little alabaster night lamp on the left side of the dresser is also from Shipshe. It originated in a Cleveland, OH estate. Got it dirt cheap at the auction. Ya gotta love it! (auctions, bargoons et al.)
This walnut cabinet is from my great-grandma Campisi. She had it in Chicago, then gave it to my grandma. It, too, was in awful condition and I had it redone by my magical antique refinisher. It contains all my little French collectibles-dominoes from the 18th century, faience (painted pottery) from the 19th c., and the Little Prince stuff from the 20th c.. Can you believe we are living the 21st century?? All in all, I am a collector of stuff. Stuff that strikes my fancy and makes me smile or chuckle, okay, it can also make me laugh out loud, too. Tell the truth and shame the devil. (I can't recall where this expression comes from, but it has always stuck with me.)
This lamp is a garage sale trophy-hand-painted Italian, and the goose with the removable neck & head is from a trip to Massachusetts in 1992. The table is made of sewing machine drawers. Yikes, it's true.I like to be surrounds by old, funky stuff that would tell stories if only they could. There now. You have a peak at one of the corners of my world.

Just want you to know that I am very thankful for you and send you all hugs of Thanksgiving. Until next time, go make something fun.