Wednesday, March 2, 2011

#91 WOYWW Back in the swing of things

Yippee it's time for a trip around the world over at Julia's Stamping Ground. I can't tell you how much this has changed my life, I mean where else can you go to visit, greet and meet so many great artists. Yes, artists. I am of the opinion that anyone who is creative is an artiste because they share their work in a public forum, i.e., chez Julia.

Since the husband's return from golfing in South Carolina, I'm more inclined to head down to the studio, room of stash, furnace room, etc.  Last weekend I made a reallllly long banner for my niece's birthday. Well I had to, there was a lot to say: Angela*16*Mar.19* It is probably 4 ft long. Here it is

 I think she'll like it, and especially the little bit of cash I tucked inside, too.

Also played with some alcohol inks. They sure are easy to use and make some uber cool backgrounds for stamping.

 Here's a card I made. Love those colors for spring. You may be wondering why there is a dental tool in front of the card. Well, it makes it easier for me to take the plastic redline tape off the adhesive than if I used my fingernails! 

I've had the tool for eons and can only suggest that you ask your dentist for old or broken ones. I wonder if a local medical supply store might have one? Another tool I love to use is a hemostat for gripping tiny eye screws when using Tim Holtz's Configurations. My fingers don't fit in those small spaces. I simply (haha) make a hole with the dental tool, grasp the eye screw with the hemostat and turn. Maybe this little tip will be of help to some of you who are equally as challenged as I am! Now I'm off to the post office to mail the banner.
Hope you have time to make something creative and fun that will make you smile and laugh. Hugs.