Wednesday, November 24, 2010

WOYWW - I forgot something

Ooops, I forgot to send you over to Julia's at the Stamping Ground to visit other creative souls' studios. Please leave a comment when you visit. They truly appreciate your visit and value feedback. Taa

WOYWW - almost clean

WOYWW - almost clean

Yesterday was spent cleaning the atelier aka, room of stash, aka furnace room. Stash had flown helter skelter about the room from Monday's flurry of activity. Bits and pieces were found in places that only a mouse could fit. lol  My craft sheet now has some empty space around the edges. See for yourself.
Don't get all antsy when you see the holiday cards here. None of them are my own design. They are from classes that I took at Buffalo Stamps and Stuff owned by the kind, generous and funny Sharon. some people think we look alike. We do share the same taste in antiques and clothing. Her patience with people (slow workers like me) is admirable. She plans the most wonderful variety of classes with a highly talented group of ladies, for whom I am most grateful.

Back to the cards - I plan to send one to my mom everyday in December - she gets a kick out of it and I enjoy it too. I'll also make one a day for my 90 year old friend Charlie, it cheers her up as the days pass slowly by in the nursing home. She is a dear and shares many funny and naughty stories. She worked over 60 (yeah 60) years in the same school district and retired on her own terms. My kinda gal. 

 As for my desk, I love the Mary Englebreit poster behind all my scissors. can you ever have too many scissors? I put it on my desk to remind me of the the need to simplify life I'm such a pack rat lol and appreciate all that is around us. 

Which brings me to Thanksgiving. Tomorrow morning is the Turkey Trot in Buffalo, NY. I'll go with my friend Margaret to serve beer at 9 am at the Convention Center. Can you imagine? Beer at that hour? I'll let you know more after the experience. It's going to be a trip with people in costumes, a second coming of Halloween. rofl

This holiday weekend is a huge celebration in town with all the expats returning to their roots for one long party of food, drink and friends. Wednesday night at the bars, Thursday morning Trot followed by beverages, followed by family dinner which includes more imbibing. Friday and Saturday are hockey games Buffalo Sabres and Sunday is Buffalo Bills football. Almost makes me wish I was young and stupid again to partake in the festivities. rofl Glad I'm not, though
St. Donald and I will be joining friends for turkey, good wine and laughter. I'll raise a glass to you all.

Now to brag some more about The Saint. He just finished printing out our Christmas card labels. He is much more techno savvy than I am and spent all of yesterday helping a friend set up her new computer. Maybe I'll get to the store bought cards on Friday. To tell the truth it will take me a couple weeks before they go out, so don't be jealous.

 Okay, I've blathered on long enough, this was supposed to be a short post, but I've got a captive audience if you haven't logged off just yet. Wishing you a good weekend and hope you have time to make something fun.