Monday, January 17, 2011

Where has my mojo gone? Maybe this is my WOYWW entry

It's been almost a week since I've shared with you. In the meantime, JoZart has honored me with a couple of awards - Stylish Blogger Award, and My Blog Has Attitude. Many thanks to Jo for her kindness.

Needless to say, I've been trying like a madwoman to get the graphics installed on the sidebar gadgets with no luck. So I guess I'll just have to brag about them here. lol

Now I have to tell you some things about myself that you might not already know - 8 things. Here goes:
1.  I have ...danced the samba in the streets of Rio de Janeiro with about 10,000 other people (1998 World Cup Soccer); have been an extra in an Italian film; lived in Italy for a year long, long ago. (no, not during the Renaissance!)
2.  I love...listening to the blues, or real rock n roll, none of this "new" rock for me! Classics only, please.
3.  Favorite thing to eat...penne bolognese with carrot cake for dessert.
4.  Colors...shades of yellow and orange sunsets.
5.  I laugh everyday.
6.  My biggest be close to all my loved ones, to see them often and for health and happiness to follow them always.
7.  I fear...being alone, all alone, lonely. But I won't let that happen.
8.  Amongst the jobs I've had...working in a printer's shop and unloading a truck filled with boxes of paper! I'm not put off by hard work. 

Now I'd like to pass this along to 4 of my favorite bloggers

First, to Lori H. whose artistic ability always amazes me - not to mention we share the same quirky sense of humor.
Next to Nancy C. who is so busy and yet finds time to make a beautiful array of art.
Also, to Jude whose heart is in the right place all the time.
Finally, Helen, who shares my love of Stampotique designs.
These women probably don't know the impact their blogs and creativity have had on me, but they have kept me company many a late night and their ideas have inspired me to make something fun.

 Thanks for your inspiration, your personal style and for sharing your attitude.

I did make something fun over the weekend - a Tim Holtz configuration box for Halloween. I know, it's a bit early, but it's a perfect time of year to put something together to have it ready to go. Sharon, owner of my LSS Buffalo Stamps and Stuff, offered the class on Saturday. We all had such a good time tissue taping, inking, gluing and adding our frightening goodies to the sweet little cubbies. The skull on the right side has a hole in its neck and sits upon a battery operated tea light so the head flickers. The bottle of blood/poison is really cool, too. Just love Tim's papers and all the little details that go into this config. 

Finally I leave you today with a picture of Ophelia dressed to kill. She is such a diva in her 4 foot long red feather boa and loves to carry it around the house in her mouth: down to the basement then back upstairs through the living room then under the bed.

It turns out that she is a mouser. Last night she brought my husband a mouse trap, complete with trapped mouse (deceased, thank goodness), up from the basement! She was highly praised for her bravery and success. Not a bad day in the life of a spoiled only child! What a puss.

Hope you make something fun today, even if it is "just" a laugh or a smile.  To be continued...