Thursday, March 17, 2011

#93 WOYWW Better late than never - Mieux vaut tard que jamais!

I'm late for WOYWWednesday, but I'm still here. Let's kick it off with a picture that is not my work desk, but my dining room wall. You might have seen this one on a very early blog post
All this is part of the home stash. You caught a glimpse of it last week during the paint-o-mania when the kitchen was temporarily ripped apart. Dave the Painter, another saint, finished his work on Friday at 4 pm and Saint Husband had bridge in there 3 hours later. Is Dave an awesome painter? oh yeah.

At the top is an old heater register (see the diagonal keyhole that opened and closed the damper?) At left is a post office box door, a bunch of face plates for door knobs, assorted keys, etc. Bottom right is a sterling silver curvy pendant I made during my silver smithing days in college. Above it and to the right are face plates and keys from French châteaux, early 1800s. 

I did very little in the studio, but that's ok. Am getting in touch with my French side. My tags are in a coffee can I got in Paris, the photos make me want to be in Paris and my project is dreaming of being in Paris. I'm "homesick" for April in Paris and it's only March. 

 So I found an old skinny cigar box and am doing the outside in distress stain (dusty concord/peeled painted) and perfect pearls. It is a WIP work in progress.
The inside has a Paris theme in alcohol inks an' some other stuff I haven't figured out yet, so that's why you aren't seeing it here yet.
 I'd forgotten how beautiful simple could be. The husband needed a sympathy card, so I used a Wendy Vecchi stamp from Botanical Art with some cobalt (I think. I'm not going down to the studio to check 'cuz I'm too lzay,lozy, lazy to get up) perfect pearl powder. VoilĂ . C'est tout for today. Hugs.

PS tomorrow I'll show you the cool tags my friend Lori sent me that made me *smile*. 

PPS Go see other desks at Julia's Stamping Ground