Friday, November 19, 2010

It it's not one thing ...

"Well y'know, it's always something, if it's not one thin' then it's another." I quote from the character of Roseann Roseannadanna done by Gilda Radner of Saturday Night Live fame (late 70's, early 80's.) Gosh, she was one funny lady. But she's right.
Here I've been griping to myself (since there's nobody else around who cares) that I'd better get moving on several big projects and my creativity has been overpowered by gravity, as in laying around and watching tv. I'm not a tv addict, I swear (yes I am), but I do mark my programs in the tv guide in pink pen when the Sunday paper shows up. rofl. What a dork.rofl again. (can you say gravity) Anyhow, that's the "it's always something part."

But I do have interruptions in my schedule that I really like. Ya see, St Donald and I go to the nursing home every day to see a ninety year old friend who has no family. It's cool that she tells us stories of her life, like growing up without running water or electricity, and and outhouse out back. She cracks me up with her candor and expressions. The "fairies" as she calls the staff, have now started to call her Charlie, so that's what I use here. More about her another time.

Three big projects and a pant-load of gravity, just not in the stash and trash room. Okay, so I wanted to do something for the Compendium of Curiosities Challenge as chosen by the lovely Linda, alchohol ink splatter. Go check it out on her blog Studio L3 if you haven't already. And  look in your copy of Tim Holtz's book for the directions as I can't divulge the details according to the rules of the game. Here are my attempts, the befores (the one on the left reminds me of a blue dinosaur).....
See wha'd I tell ya? Kind cool how I had Tim Holtz's elephant stamp ;-) Almost looks like the dino is getting ready to eat his descendant! The second splats gave me fits about what to do with it. It just didn't speak to me (well duh.) It's always somethin'. Tada (add music here.) A potted flower in the purple sun.
Okay so now this last splat (I'm such an over achiever, 3 tags really? three???) I fell in love with the rivers and tributaries of ink. Again I didn't know what to do, but I was overjoyed (heh heh) at the effect of the ink.Whad'ya think? I've been dying to use the new Tim toys to make the ornament, too.
Okay, so now another thing...Today I will go to my LSS (local...well 21 miles is local) and meet with our 'card' club. There are officially 8 of us, me being the newbie. The others are highly experienced and have more patience for detail. So this fall we decided to do 4 techniques per month from Tim's Compendium of Curiosities, and for November we could choose a personal theme. Check your CC on pages 37-40 for the techs. Do ya know how hard it is to come up with a theme with 4 totally different approaches? Here is my attempt for the holidays with.inking grunge and double distress with Adirondack snowcap pigment ink.

And my third huge project...Thanksgiving cards for the fam in Indiana. I'll probably get to those on Saturday. So there you have it, an not in a nutshell. If it''s not one thin', it's another. But then again, it's always something. Until next time, make something fun even if it's a little somethin' for yourself!