Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Here's what's on my mantel WOYWW #86

Not much going on here in work desk-land. Ophelia has discovered that it is a fun place to bat pens and pencils and sniff Distress Ink pads. No creativity to see at the desk.

So I will post what I made in Banner Class. Lovely Mona of Buffalo Stamps and Stuff (BSS, our local stamp store) designed and prepped all the materials for this fab Valentine banner. 
Isn't it grand? It was labor intensive, distressing (victorian velvet), folding and gluing, stickling and hole punching, so much fun for those of us in the class. Thanks, Mona.

Here's a close up of some panels. Aren't they luscious?
I plan to leave it up until I make one for another season or holiday. Hint, hint Mona. lol

On Friday our little tag club will meet at BSS and I have to get busy on our challenges from Tim's Compendium of Curiosities, 5 techniques from p. 41-45. I've been putting off doing the tags for quite some time now. I think I will work best under pressure...yeah, right. Seriously, instead of doing one tag for each technique, I'd like to incorporate them into one or two tags. Guess you'll have to come back next week to see what I did.

In the meantime, enjoy the snoop at other desks at Miss Julia's place. Take a look at what they've created, not just the WOYWW posting. Enjoy reflecting on the creativity. (yes, this picture was taken in one of my guest rooms)