Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Things have been busy around here and it's not even the holidays yet.  I work very slowly on my tags and projects and am very messy so I thought I would shame the devil and tell the truth. lol  Here's a peek at my stash space. It looks organized until you get a view from a distance ... here.  (note the sign on the far right "I'm not ready" rofl)

I took the pic this morning before I went to a class at my LSS to make a Christmas Configurations box. Boy is it cute! It took me lots longer than everyone else, so what else is new, art takes time and careful thought.  Here's my creation. (Notice the HO3 on the right side? Hope you can guess what it means, and no, it is not a chemical formula. teehee)

I love the little bird that Sharon, owner of the LSS (Buffalo Stamps and Stuff, Amherst NY) and today's instructor, found at Pottery Barn. (Did I say the name of the store out loud, for crying out loud?)
The bird goes so well with that darling little cage that gave me conniptions. No matter how hard I tried to attach the jump ring between the hook and the cage I couldn't do it. Fat fingers and bad nails. Thanks to Sharon's skill with tools and patience with teeny tiny little metal findings, the cage now hangs in it's proper place.
Here are the other gals who were in the class today... lovely Linda

sweet Alison

and the very happy Pam playing with the mica flakes.

While we worked we hummed along with the radio and played name that tune, munched on chocolate treats (but, of course) and got covered with glittering mica and other such sparkly goodness. Can you imagine 90 people doing this project at the same time with Tim at Absolutely Everything a few weeks back?! That's where Sharon made hers - and it is spectacular - in just 4 hours. I am awed by this feat.

Well, we enjoyed the creative process and the inspiration we got from sharing with one another. Personally, every time I read a blog I find inspiration and delight in the creations of others. Thanks to all who share and read this blog, and a big thanks to Sharon for her wonderful class. Until next time, enjoy the experience!


Deb said...

oh I love your little boxes, they are so cute! hugs Debx

Lori said...

Love what's on your and your config project is just 'da bomb. I know, that phrase is not cool anymore. Neither is cool, but I use it all the time, can't stop now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vicki,
I like your desk very much! Thanks for letting us have a look around. Your box is lovely. No one said you have to make art quickly! You just be you and forget about everyone else. :-) Happy WOYWW! #33

Sue said...

Hey, Vicki, I found you despite the fact that you left the "L" out of the word inkling when you gave me the address....hee hee! Love how your project turned out, looks like you gals had fun. Geez, a good card can take me four hours!!!! Good to see you, love your blog.

Sue Drees

Sandra said...

Wow!! So many pretty things on your desk!! I want those ornaments, hehehe!!

Your Christmas box is really beautiful!! What a wonderful Xmas decoration!!


Sandra # 103

Julia Dunnit said...

It's a fab project - and totally know what you mean about jump rings and fingers and nails - especially in that tiny aperture! YOur desk looks as if there's some planning going on, most impressive!

Helen said...

Hi, found you via Lori, but see you've also WOYWW'd - loving your desk and your blog so I will be back!

jude said...

Wow your projects are absolutely stunning!The box i am in awe of .Where did you buy the blank box?i would love to make one.
Creative desk i feel is always a messy one !
hugs judex #41

Scrapcat 1 said...

love the box it looks fabulous

Kym's Crafty Cards said...

Certainly a busy desk here but lots of nice things have been brought out to play with. FAB artwork. Thanks for sharing your workspace with us. Best wishes, Kym xxx (WOYWW No 34)